Hamner Springs Post-Graduate Workshop 2017 - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Hamner Springs Post-Graduate Workshop 2017

In the idyllic setting of Hanmer springs, postgraduate students from across Australasia gathered to present their research and receive feedback from their peers.
Present at the retreat, Daviti Mtchedlishvili and Ying Yuan write about their experience.

“The EU Centres Postgraduate Weekend Workshop at Hanmer Springs was a 2 days very well organized scientific school that enabled us - young scientists - to discuss our work with colleagues, get to know each other's scientific research and receive supportive and encouraging feedback. The experience of brainstorm sessions were extensive and practical because it was not just a 15 minutes speech on our particular topic, but a challenge to deliver a detailed summary of our research and theoretical framework to the great variety of young scholars that come from different fields and stages of research. As Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”, hence, we had chance to demonstrate our potential to deliver eclectic theoretical messages convincingly. Inspired by speakers, peers and ideas, we all were sad when the school came to an end. I left this spiritual place with more confidence and valuable feedback.” Daviti

“It is the second time that I attended the Postgraduate Weekend Workshop organised by EUCN. According to my personal experience, this workshop is a great opportunity for the postgraduates, regardless of which research state you are. Firstly, I got acquainted with the postgraduates who are doing the research work on the European studies, and you found that you might have the same difficulties in the study, for example, on methodology, on structure, etc. We shared our lessons and experiences, encouraged each other to achieve our goals. Secondly, I got the feedback from the talented postgraduates and the experienced professors. They pointed out sharply the problems existing in my research and prompted me to think more thoroughly and more deeply.” Ying

Tucked away between mountain and forest, Hanmer Springs is an ideal place to take a break from a busy office life. Daviti writes: “I’d recently read an article about nature as the ultimate sensory experience and how nature therapy helps all of us in “out of the box” thinking. Hearing about the opportunity given by the EUC Network to have my “academic nature therapy” in Graduate Weekend School 2017, surrounded by mountains and forests and natural thermal pools in the village of Hanmer Springs, I did not hesitate to register.” Ying adds: “it was a highly enjoyable experience to work in an area of scenic beauty like Hanmer Springs. The forest inspired you to new ideas that you will never get in your office room. So, I am extremely grateful to EUCN and the people who participated the event.”

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