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18 October 2002

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Susanne Broman (PhD), Board Member Alan Roberts and Teaching Fellow Milenko Petrovic
flag and girls
2002 Hons students Arlette, Fiona  and Lucy

Anita (masters), Jessica and Rosemary (new scholarship students), Peter Barrer (masters) and Martin (the boss).

Anita Hack (masters) and Hlne Serabian (PhD)
Jessica Bain and Rosemary Tipples (new scholarship students) and Pete Mayell (PhD) Martin's MG and Arlette Morrison and Fiona Kenning (2002 hons students) Jamie, Fiona and Steven Thomas in the Daimler The crew! (Pete, Natasha, Tim, Arlette, Fiona, Lucy, Mia, Jamie)

Photographs by Chandra Harrison
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