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Library Resources 2006 - NCRE - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
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National Centre for Research on Europe

Library Resources 2006

New Library Books 2006

The NCRE has recently signed up to the Palgrave European Union Series of texts. Find out more about the series at:

The following books were added to the UC Library collection in 2006:

Roper, Jon
The United States and Europe: beyond the neo-conservative divide?
Central Library D 1065 .U5 .U58 2006

European Union
European governance: policy making between politicization and control
Central Library JN 30 .E8922 2006

European Union
The EU and Romania: accession and beyond
Central Library HC 240.25 .R6 .E086 2006

Parsons, Craig
A certain idea of Europe
Central Library JN 30 .P267 2003

European Union
Debates on European integration: a reader
Central Library JN 15 .D286 2006

European Union
The European Union and the member states, 2nd ed.
Central Library JN 32 .E89 2006

European Union
The government and politics of the European Union, 6th ed.
Central Library JN 15 .N967 2006

Merlingen, Michael
European Union peacebuilding and policing
Restricted loan JZ 6374 .M565 2006

European Union
State territoriality and European integration
Restricted loan JN 30 .S7974 2006

Hug, Simon
Policy-making processes and the European Constitution: a comparative study of member states and accession countries
Law Library KW 84 .P766 2006

Lister, Marjorie
New pathways in international development: gender and civil society in EU policy
Central Library HQ 1240.5 .E85 .N532 2006

Parsons, D. W.
Democracy in the European Union: towards the emergence of a public sphere
Central Library JN 40 .D3832 2006

European Union
The institutions of the European Union, 2nd Ed.
Central Library JN 30 .I59 2006

Klingemann, Hans-Dieter
Democracy and political culture in Eastern Europe
Central Library JN 96 .A91 .D383 2006

Smith, Michael
Risks, reform, resistance, and revival
Central Library JN 30 .S797 1995

Kim, Heungchong
European integration and the Asia-Pacific region
Central Library HC 241 .E895 2003

Holland, Martin
Common foreign and security policy: the first ten years, 2nd Ed.
Law Library KW 81 .C734 2004

Sjursen, Helene
Questioning EU enlargement: Europe in search of identity
Restricted loan JN 30 .Q5 2006

Browne, Stephen
Aid and influence: do donors help or hinder?
Central Library HC 60 .B884 a 2006

Chimisso, Cristina
Exploring European identities
Central Library HN 373 .E96 2003

European Union
Redefining Europe
Central Library JN 30 .R314 2005

Keating, Michael
European integration and the nationalities question
Central Library JN 34.7 .E89 2006

European Union Community
Ever closer union: an introduction to European integration, 3rd Ed.
Central Library HC 241.2 .D583 2005

European Union
The European Union's roles in international politics: concepts and analysis
Central Library JZ 1570 .A5 .E89 2006

S‚ÄĚderbaum, Fredrik
The EU as a global player: the politics of interregionalism
Central Library JZ 1570 .A5 .E086 2006

European Union
Towards a federal Europe?
Central Library JN 30 .T7372 2006

Smismans, Stijn
Civil society and legitimate European governance
Central Library JN 40 .C582 2006

Buchanan, Tom
Europe's troubled peace, 1945-2000
Central Library D 1051 .B926 2006

Irvin, George
Regaining Europe: an ecomomic agenda for the 21st century
Central Library HG 925 .I72 2006

Lucarelli, Sonia
Values and principles in European Union foreign policy
Restricted loan JZ 1570 .V215 2006

Tausch, Arno
Towards a wider Europe
Central Library JN 30 .T737 2006

Bellamy, Richard
Making European citizens: civic inclusion in a transnational context
Central Library JN 40 .M235 2006

Council of the European Union
The Council of Ministers (2nd ed.)
Central Library JN 34 .H418 2006

European Monetary System (Organization)
The euro: a concise introduction to European monetary integration
Central Library HG 925 .H826 2005

McLaren, Lauren M.
Identity, interests and attitudes to European integration
Central Library JN 40 .M161 2006

Murray, Philomena
Australia and the European superpower: engaging with the European Union
Central Library HF 1626.5 .E8 .M983 2005

Booker, Christopher
The great deception: can the European Union survive? (2nd edition)
Central Library JN 15 .B724 2005

Frayling, Christopher
Mad, bad and dangerous?: the scientist and the cinema
Central Library PN 1995.9 .S267 .F847 2005

Maull, Hanns
Germany's uncertain power: foreign policy of the Berlin Republic
Central Library DD 290.3 .G3732 2006

European Union
The eastern enlargement of the European Union
Central Library JN 30 .O13 2006

Williams, Andrew
EU human rights policies: a study in irony (paperback ed.)
Central Library JC 599 .E86 .W721 2005

Aldis, Anne
Soft security threats and European security
Central Library JZ 6009 .E85 .S682 2005

Huysmans, Jef
The politics of insecurity: fear, migration, and asylum in the EU
Central Library JZ 6009 .E85 .H988 2006

Stevens, Anne
Contemporary Europe 2nd ed.
Central Library D 2009 .C761 2006

Bulmer, Simon
The member states of the European Union
Central Library D 1060 .M533 2005

Bourne, Angela K.
Palgrave advances in European Union studies
Central Library JN 30 .P161 2006

Economic and Monetary Union
Adjusting to EMU
Central Library HC 241 .A235 2006

Nonneman, Gerd
Analyzing Middle East foreign policies and the relationship with Europe
Central Library DS 63.2 .E8 .A532 2005

Grabbe, Heather
The EU's transformative power: Europeanization through conditionality in Central and Eastern Europe
Central Library HC 240.25 .E852 .G727 2005

Meunier, Sophie
Trading voices: the European Union in international commercial negotiations
Central Library HF 3496.5 .M597 2005

Morgan, Glyn
The idea of a European superstate: public justification and European integration
Central Library JN 30 .M848 2005

Ramet, Sabrina P.
Thinking about Yugoslavia: scholarly debates about the Yugoslav breakup and the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo
Central Library DR 1316 .R172 2005

Bruter, Michael
Citizens of Europe?: the emergence of a mass European identity
Central Library JN 40 .B913 2005

Tel, Mario
Europe, a civilian power?: European Union, global governance, world order
entral Library JZ 1570 .A5 .T277 2006

Bretherton, Charlotte
The European Union as a global actor (2nd ed.)
Central Library D 1060 .B844 2006

Nikolov, Krassimir Y.
More than a dwarf?: "Fornet" essays on Europe's foreign policy, security and defence
Central Library JZ 1570 .M835 2004

Caplan, Richard
Europe and the recognition of new states in Yugoslavia
Central Library DR 1319 .C244 2005