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National Centre for Research on Europe

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National Centre for Research on Europe University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
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University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140

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Library Resources 2007

New Library Books 2007

European Union
Making history: European integration and institutional change at fifty
Central Library JN 30 .M2352 2007

Green, David Michael
The Europeans: political identity in an emerging polity
Central Library D 1055 .G795 2007

Mundschenk, Susanne
Competitiveness and growth in Europe: lessons and policy implications for the Lisbon strategy
Central Library HC 241 .C737 2006

European Union
Growth and cohesion in the European Union: the impact of macroeconomic policy
Central Library HG 925 .G884 2006

European Union
The making of the European Union: foundations, institutions and future trends
Central Library JN 30 .M235 2006

Harris, Paul G.
Europe and global climate change: politics, foreign policy and regional cooperation
Central Library GE 190 .E85 .E893 2007

Loughlin, John
Culture, institutions and economic development: a study of eight European regions
Central Library HC 240 .K25 2003

Stephanou, Constantine A.
Adjusting to EU enlargement: recurring issues in a new setting
Central Library HC 241.25 .E852 .A235 2006

European Union
Building states without society: European Union enlargement and the transfer of EU social policy to Poland and Hungary
Central Library JN 30 .S622 2007

European Union
The next superpower?: the rise of Europe and its challenge to the United States
Central Library JN 30 .S357 2005

European Union
Reforming the European Union
Central Library JN 30 .R3321 2007

Gori, Umberto
Invisible threats: financial and information technology crimes and national security
Central Library HV 6773 .I62 2006

Millar, J.
The dynamics of social exclusion in Europe: comparing Austria, Germany, Greece, Portugal and the UK
Central Library HN 380 .Z9 .M26 .D997 2003

European Parliament
The politics and economics of the European Union: an introductory text, 2nd ed.
Central Library JN 30 .J78 2001

Bourdet, Yves
The European Union and developing countries: trade, aid, and growth in an integrating world
Central Library HF 1531 .Z4 .D445 .E89 2007

European Parliament
Democratic politics in the European Parliament
Central Library JN 36 .H676 2007

The European Development Fund and economic partnership agreements
Central Library HC 59.7 .E89 2006

Bono, Giovanna
The impact of 9
Central Library UA 646 .I34 2006

Blondel, Jean
Political cultures in Asia and Europe: citizens, states and societal values
Central Library JQ 36 .B654 2006

Cameron, Fraser
An introduction to European foreign policy
Central Library D 2025 .C182 2007

Hallock, Steven M.
Editorial and opinion: the dwindling marketplace of ideas in today's news
Central Library PN 4888 .E28 .H192 2007

Southeast European Cooperative Initiative
10 years Southeast European Cooperative Initiative: from Dayton to Brussels
Central Library HC 241 .T289 2006

Balzacq, Thierry
Security versus freedom? a challenge for Europe's future
Central Library JZ 1570 .S446 2006

Parla, Taha
Corporatist ideology in Kemalist Turkey: Progress or Order?
Central Library HD 3616 .T872 .P252 2004

European Union
Constructing the path to eastern enlargement: the uneven policy impact of EU identity
Central Library JN 30 .S447 2005

European Union
Economics and policies of an enlarged Europe
Central Library HC 241 .A469 2005

McCormick, John
The European superpower
Central Library JZ 1570 .M131 2007

European Union
Access to European Union: law, economics, policies, 15th ed.
Law Library KW 71 .M933 2006

European Union
Europe as empire: the nature of the enlarged European Union
Central Library JN 30 .Z66 2006

European Union
European politics
Central Library JN 30 .E8924 2007

European Union
European Union Politics, 2nd. ed.
Central Library JN 30 .E892 2007

Arestis, Philip
Alternative perspectives on economic policies in the European Union
Central Library HC 240 .A466 2006

European Study Service
Guide to European policies
Central Library HC 240 .A1 .G946

European Union
The European Union with or without a constitution: a response to citizens' questions
Central Library JN 15 .M933 2005

Giavazzi, Francesco
The future of Europe: reform or decline
Central Library HC 240 .A371 2006

Jordan, Andrew
The Europeanization of British politics
Central Library JN 238 .E89 2006

European Union
The shape of the new Europe
Central Library JN 15 .S529 2006

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