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The following books were added to the UC Library collection in 2009:

European politics today
Almond, Gabriel A. 1911-2002
Edition: 4th ed.
Central Library JN 94 .A58 .E89 2010

European foreign policy making toward the Mediterranean
Bicchi, Federica.
Edition: 1st ed.
Central Library JZ 1570 .A545 .B583 2007

Evaluating Euro-Mediterranean relations
Calleya, Stephen C.
Central Library JZ 1570 .A5 .C157 2005

Marching to the fault line : the miners' strike and the battle for industrial Britain National Union of Mineworkers
Edition: Paperback ed.
Central Library HD 5365 .M62 1984 .B396

Globalization and varieties of capitalism : New Labour, economic policy and the abject state
Thornley, Carole, 1955-
Central Library HC 256.7 .C674 2009

Central and Eastern Europe :europeanization and social change
Turner, Chris.
Central Library JN 96 .A58 .B143 2009

Migratory settings
Aydemir, Murat.
Central Library PN 56 .E59 .M636 2008

Something wicked this way comes :essays on evil and human wickedness
Balmain, Colette.
Central Library BJ 1401 .S696 2009

Expanded EU : from autonomy to alliance
European Union
Central Library JN 30 .E963 2008

The bitter road to freedom : a new history of the liberation of Europe
Hitchcock, William I.
Central Library D 755.7 .H674 2008

Freedom of the press 2008 : a global survey of media independence
Karlekar, Karin Deutsch.
Central Library PN 4736 .F853 2009

Space in theory : Kristeva, Foucault, Deleuze
Kristeva, Julia, 1941-
Central Library B 2430 .K7544 .W522 2009

Editing the nation's memory : textual scholarship and nation-building in ninteenth-century

Leerssen, Joseph Th. 1955-
Central Library P 47 .E23 2008

The essence and the margin : national identities and collective memories in contemporary
European culture
Saunders, Anna.
Central Library D 1055 .E78 2009

Images of the North : histories, identities, ideas
Sverrir Jakobsson, 1970-
Central Library G 606 .I31 2009

The house in Russian literature : a mythopoetic exploration
Baak, J. J. van
Central Library PG 2987 .H6 .B111 2009

Studies on Central and Eastern Europe in the twentiethcentury : regional crises and the case of Hungary
Berend, T. Iv n 1930-
Central Library HC 300.24 .B488 s 2002

Research without tears : from the first ideas to published output
Creedy, John, 1949-
Education Library LB 2369 .C913 2008

Migration, work and citizenship in the enlarged European Union
Currie, Samantha, 1982-
Law Library KW 129.5 .C976 2008

International influence beyond conditionality : postcommunist Europe after EU enlargement
Epstein, Rachel A., 1970-
Central Library JN 96 .A58 .I61 2009

European Union and new regionalism : regional actors and global governance in a post-hegemonic era 2nd ed.
European Union
Central Library HC 240 .E89 eu 2007

The European Union and Asia : what is there to learn?
European Union
Central Library JZ 5333 .E89 2008

The state of European integration
European Union
Central Library JN 30 .S7973 2007

Compliance in the enlarged European Union : living rights or dead letters?
Falkner, Gerda
Law Library KW 86 .F193 2008

Nationalism and democratisation : politics of Slovakia and Slovenia
Harris, Erika
Central Library DB 2848 .H313 2002

1968 in Europe : a history of protest and activism, 1956-1977
Klimke, Martin
Central Library HN 377 .N0714 2008

Workers and politics in occupied Austria, 1945-55
Lewis, Jill, Dr.
Central Library DB 99.1 .L674 2007

The Ashgate research companion to the politics of democratization in Europe : concepts and histories
Palonen, Kari, 1947-
Central Library JN 8 .A825 2008

Political finance and corruption in Eastern Europe : the transition period
Smilov, Daniel M.
Central Library JN 96 .A975 .P769 2007

Europe old and new : transnationalism, belonging, xenophobia
Taras, Ray, 1946-
Central Library D 2025 .T177 2009

The European Union and the culture industries : regulation and the public interest
Ward, David, 1966-
Law Library KW 144.3 .E89 2008

The politics of language education : individuals and institutions
Alderson, J. Charles.
Central Library P 53.6128 .P769 2009

Another Europe : conceptions and practices of democracy in the European social forums
Della Porta, Donatella, 1956-
Central Library JN 40 .A615 2009

From Soviet republics to EU member states : a legal and political assessment of the Baltic states' accession to the EU
Elsuwege, Peter Van.
Central Library HC 240.25 .B29 .E49 2008

The boundaries of EU enlargement : finding a place for neighbours
European Union
Central Library JN 30 .B765 2008

Power and society in the GDR, 1961-1979 : the 'normalisation of rule'?
Fulbrook, Mary, 1951-
Central Library DD 287.3 .P887 2009

EU labour migration since enlargement : trends, impacts and policies
Galgoczi, Bela.
Central Library HD 8380.5 .E086 2009

Eastern Europe at the turn of the twenty-first century : a guide to the economies in transition
Jeffries, Ian.
Central Library HC 244 .J47 e 2002

Law and practice of EU external relations : salient features of a changing landscape
Maresceau, Marc.
Law Library KW 75 .L416 2008

Post-communist regime change : a comparative study
Muller, Jorgen.
Central Library JN 96 .A58 .M726 2009


Europe since 1945
Thody, Philip Malcolm Waller, 1928-
Central Library D 1051 .T449 2000


The international dimensions of democratization : Europe and the Americas
Whitehead, Laurence.
Central Library JC 421 .I61 2001

Rights, promotion and integration issues for minority languages in Europe
Williams, Colin H., 1950-
Central Library P 119.315 .R571 2009

Lobbying the European Union : institutions, actors, and issues
Coen, David and Richardson, Jeremy.
Central Library JF 529 .L796 2009

Regional integration in Europe and Asia : legal, economic, and political perspectives
Kim, Hung-jong.
Central Library JZ 1570 .A5 .R336 2009

European Union : an historical and political survey, 2nd ed.
McAllister, Richard, M.A.
Central Library JN 30 .M114 2010

The rise of bilateralism : comparing American, European and Asian approaches to preferential trade agreements
Woolcock, Stephen
Central Library HF 1731 .H615 2009

Crafting EU security policy :
in pursuit of a European identity

Anderson, Stephanie B.
Central Library UA 646.3 .A549 2008

Politiques sociales :
enjeux m‚thodologiques et ‚pist‚mologiques des comparaisons
internationales = Social policies : epistemological and
methodological issues in cross-national comparison

Barbier, Jean-Claude
Central Library HN 29 .P769 2008

European integration as an elite process :
the failure of a dream?

European Union
Central Library JN 30 .H185 2008

The European Union and international organizations
European Union
Central Library JN 30 .E8912 2009

The European Union and the social dimension of globalization
:how the EU influences the world

European Union
Central Library HN 373.5 .E897 2009

European Union security dynamics :
in the new national interest

Matlary, Janne Haaland.
Central Library JZ 6009 .E85 .M433 2009

The European Union and China, 1949-2008 :
basic documents and commentary

Snyder, Francis G
Central Library D 1065 .C5 .S675 2009

Energy security :
Europe's new foreign policy challenge

Youngs, Richard, 1968-
Central Library HD 9502 .E82 .Y75 2009

Research methods in politics
Burnham, Peter
Central Library JA 86 .R432 2008

Beyond Lisbon :
a European strategy for globalisation

Cohen-Tanugi, Laurent
Central Library HC 241.2 .C678 2008

The geopolitics of Europe's identity :
centers, boundaries and margins

European Union
Central Library JC 319 .G3452 2008

The European Union
European Union
Central Library JN 30 .A671 2008

What's wrong with the European Union and how to fix it
European Union
Central Library JN 36 .H676 w 2008

Europe's last frontier?:
Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine between Russia and the
European Union

Central Library DK 507.8175 .E89 2008

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