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Sharelle Abbott

MEURO Taught MastersSharelle Abbott

Thesis title:

Are the European Union’s climate change policies effective in helping to reduce the effects of climate change in the Pacific Region, with a focus on the Cook Islands as a case study.


Professor Martin Holland

Details of Research:

I am looking at past and present EU climate change projects and policies in the pacific region and assessing if they worked well or not. I will then be focussing in on the Cook Islands as a case study and I will also be looking at what New Zealand is doing in the region also.


Bachelor of Arts with double major in Political Science and History


NCRE Tuition Fees Scholarship 2017


My name is Sharelle Abbott and I am currently studying at the University of Canterbury, I am at the end of my BA in political science and history, and I am about to start postgraduate study with a MEURO. I was born in Auckland and grew up in Paraparaumu and Rotorua before moving to Christchurch, I am interested in events that occur in Europe and the Pacific due to having English and Pacific heritage. Many of the classes I have taken discussed the EU in the context of foreign policy, but I have never had the opportunity to further analyse the EU and the events around it. I am most excited about researching the aftermath of Brexit and its coming consequences and benefits, specifically for the New Zealand and UK relationship. This taught Masters will also give me the opportunity to learn about other aspects of the EU, such as foreign policy, EU relations with other countries, and the opportunity to participate in an internship. When I am not studying I enjoy going to the gym, volunteering, craft work and reading, I am hoping that after I complete my Masters I will be able to do some volunteering overseas. My main goal is to work as a policy analyst or work for MFAT, as I want a career were I know I can use my passion of helping people in all walks of life.



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