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Gyula Toth

PhD Candidate (European Studies)

A Constructive Relationship Between the European Union and Australia: the philosophical foundations of international relations with special regard to social constructivism


  • BA (English Literature)
  • BSc (Geography)
  • BA (Hons) (European Studies)
  • Professional Translator Accreditation (Melbourne, Australia)
  • Computer Studies (Melbourne Australia)
  • Vocational Secondary School for Communications Technology and Mechanical Engineering (completed in June 1979 with Matriculation Certificate; Budapest, Hungary)

Language Skills

Excellent command (speaking, writing, reading) of English and Hungarian (to mother tongue level)

Professional translator-interpreter and some simultaneous conference interpreter employment experience for English to Hungarian and vice versa; Linguistic studies with undergraduate BA degree;


National Centre for Research on Europe
Kirkwood Village KD03

Contact Details

Tel +64 27-206-7705

Postal Address

University of Canterbury
National Centre for Research on Europe
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand


Holder of a New Zealand Residence Class Visa (European and Australian Citizenship)

Details of Research

A Constructive Relationship Between the European Union and Australia: The Philosophical Foundations of International Relations with Special Regard to Social Constructivism

The European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth of Australia both share a significant volume of historical connections in languages, cultures, economic and trade relationships, political views and ideas. These associations have had different levels of strength and frequencies in the past, depending on how these two continents interacted with each other in the framework of international relations. Australia and the EU jointly developed an important legal basis for working together, and cooperation between them is deeper and more common then the public might perceive to be the case. The EU is a growing superpower, meanwhile Australia, though a developed and powerful nation, cannot expect to match the strength and command of a political entity, which comprises 27 different countries. This fact can produce a certain asymmetric relationship in the connection between these two continents’ communities. These asymmetric elements in the collaboration between them are liable to create certain discrepancies and disharmonies in the development of their different agreements in general. This research aims to examine the scope and depth of the EU-Australia work association, as well as the discrepancies and imbalances within it. This exploration provides an analysis of the philosophical and sociological foundations of international relations in general, with special regard to the framework of social constructivism as a possible facilitator and catalyser in the growth and furtherance of the many-sided  EU-Australia cooperation and collaboration.

Publications and Conference

22nd Pacific Science Congress: 13-17 June 2011; Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia - I was invited to this conference to present my paper, titled: "The Philosphy of Science and Social Science". I have received a research grant from the NCRE, University of Canterbury, which provided full financial support.

"European Integration at 60: Progress, Problems, Perspectives"; Lincoln University; Canterbury, New Zealand, 25-26 November 2010; EUCNetwork New Zealand Eurpoean Union Centres Network. - I have attended this conference through my PhD studies, within the framework of the NCRE (National Centre for Research on Europe), University of Canterbury

2nd Symposium on French Research in the Pacific: The 11th Pacific Science Inter-Congress; Hilton Hotel Tahiti (02-06 March 2009) Papette; French Polynesia - I was invited to this conference with full financial funding, to present my paper, titled: "Environmental Theory and Global Environmental Justice"

European Studies Summer School: "Human Rights, Law-Policy-Practice"; National Europe Centre; ANU; Canberra, Australia (15-19 December 2008) - I was invited to this summer school and conference with full financial funding, to present my PhD thesis, as well as my paper, titled: "Are Human Rights Humane?"

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