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Iana Sabatovych

PhD Candidate Iana Sabatovych

Is there a successful transition without European integration? An investigation of the key determinants of Ukraine’s post-communist transformation


BA in International economy, Mariupol State University of Humanities, Ukraine
MA in International economy, Mariupol State University, Ukraine

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Postal address

c/o National Centre for Research on Europe
Level 4 Logie
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Recent Conferences & Publications

Recent Conferences

Iana Sabatovych. Does nationalism promote democracy? Comparative analyses of Ukraine’s “Euromaidan” revolution and Poland’s “Solidarity” mass mobilization A Quarter Century of Post-Communism: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. University of Canterbury. Christchurch, New Zealand. 2-3 February 2015

Iana Sabatovych. Conceptualizing the role of international financial organizations in post-communist economic transformations. The International Conference on Economics, Accounting and Business Management. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 21-22 November, 2015.

Natalia Chaban, Iana Sabatovych, Conor Pokoati, Fadia Rafiek, Catharine McGee. Reflecting on Normative Power Europe: Comparing Internal and External Narratives in the EU and Ukraine. EU Centres Conference. Europe: New Leadership, New Directions? 23-24 November. Auckland, New Zealand.


Recent Publications

Reviving stereotypes?: Visual framing of Ukrainian crisis in the Western press (case-study New Zealand). Natalia Chaban, Eva Brown and Iana Sabatovych, pp. 523-570 in Religion, State, Society, and Identity in Transition Ukraine. Rob van der Laarse, Mykhailo N. Cherenkov, Vitaliy V. Proshak, and Tetiana Mychalchuck, eds. 2015Wolf Legal Publishers

Research Interests

Post-communism, Eastern Europe, Europeanization, regional integration and more.


UC Doctoral Scholarship


The best Position Paper and the Head of state: Asia-Pacific Model European Union 2015. Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan. 24-25 January 2015

What do you enjoy most about studying at the NCRE?

Every day makes me happy: the view, the people around, the sense of moving forwards and doing something worthwhile.

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