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Russell Taylor

Rose Stewart


(European Studies) Thesis Student


Development Funding and Policy: Information is a key ingredient to Successful Development of Pacific Island Nations


  • BSc in Zoology, University of Canterbury
  • MSc (Hons) in Ecology, University of Canterbury


  • 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 NCRE Domestic Fee Scholarship


  • PhD in 3 College of Arts Award
  • UoC Sustainability Gold Award

Contact Details


Postal address:
c/o National Centre for Research on Europe
Level 4 Logie
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Details of Research

My research to date suggests that development programmes seem to vary in their degrees of failure or success. It seems that the trillions of dollars that have been spent on development programmes over the past few decades have shown little if any real benefit to the nations for which the fund may have been intended.

I hope that this study will contribute in some way to the evolution of development theory and development programmes so that people living in un-necessarily difficult situations in developing nations can gain more significant benefit from the large pool of aid related funding that already exists.

In the case of the EU, I argue that funding policy does not target information as a priority and consequently, EU development programmes do not enable the local communities to develop the capacity required to manage their situation. I am concerned that, in general EU development programmes do not “teach a man to fish”.

I will be using a case study (Tonga) as a model where Information has been the priority to development programmes in that nation and I will compare the Tongan case study to other EU funded development programmes to other ACP and European EU funded programmes.

Research Interests

Sustainable management and development in developing nations


  • J.S Harding, C. Brown, F. Jones, R.C. Taylor, (2007), Mosquitoes are a significant pest and human health issue in the Kingdom of Tonga. Australian Journal of Entomology 46, 332–338
  • J.S. Harding, C. Brown, F. Brown, R.C. Taylor (2006), A preliminary assessment of the distribution of mosquitoes in the kingdom of Tonga: potential threats to biodiversity through invasive pathogens. School of Biological Sciences Research Report
  • Taylor, R.C., R.M. Ewers (2013), Field Guide to New Zealand Beetles. In Press
  • Taylor, R.C., R.M. Ewers (2003), The invertebrate fauna inhabiting tree holes in a red beech (Nothofagus fusca) tree. The Weta, 25, 24-27
  • Milner, A.M.; Taylor, R.C.; Winterbourn, M.J. (2001), Longitudinal distribution of macroinvertebrates in two glacier-fed New Zealand Rivers. Freshwater Biology 46: 1765-1775
  • Taylor R.C. (2001), Macroinvertebrate community structure of glacial and non-glacial streams in South Westland. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Canterbury.
  • Numerous reports
  • Numerous presentations at NCRE student workshops, funding organizations like Rotary Clubs, Christchurch City Council, High School assemblies and clubs, etc.
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