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Professor Martin Holland


Director, National Centre for Research on Europe

Jean Monnet Chair (ad personam)Professor Martin Holland


  • BA (Hons) (University of Exeter, UK)
  • MA (University of Kent, UK)
  • PhD (University of Exeter, UK)


NCRE Director's Office
Room 402 Logie Building

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Phone: +64 3 364 2586 ext 6586
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National Centre for Research on Europe
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University of Canterbury
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New Zealand


Professor Martin Holland, holds New Zealand’s only Jean Monnet Chair (ad personam), is Director of both the National Centre for Research on Europe at the University of Canterbury and of European Union Centres Network in New Zealand and is an active member of a number of international EU research networks.  

Professor Holland has taught at the University of Canterbury since 1984: in 2000 he established the National Centre for Research on Europe, New Zealand’s only dedicated EU tertiary level centre. The NCRE is now in its sixteenth year and comprises 6 academic staff, has over twenty post-graduate students and Australasia’s only undergraduate European and EU Studies major degree programme. In the last two six-yearly research assessment cycles in New Zealand (PBRF) he received an A grade denoting a recognised international reputation.

Professor Holland has been a visiting lecturer at a number of EU programmes in Asia (Chulalongkorn in Thailand, Fudan and Renmin in China, Waseda in Tokyo, the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur and Korea University in Seoul) and in the USA at the University of Pittsburg and Washington University in Seattle. He has also be a guest lecturer at several prestigious EU Studies programmes in the EU including at the College of Europe (Natolin), Leuven, Krakow, Navarra and the University of Kent Brussels Institute, as well as spoken at think tank and diplomatic events in Brussels.
Professor Holland is internationally recognised for his work on EU Development Policy, Common Foreign and Security Policy and Perceptions of the EU. He heads the multinational “EU External Perceptions Project” which was recognized by DG Education and Culture as one of the top 20 “Jean Monnet Success Stories” and has supervised trans-national projects on perceptions of the EU in Asia, Africa and the Pacific. He has held a number of notable awards, including: a Jean Monnet Fellowship, European University Institute, 1987; Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Freiburg, 1992-4; Rockerfeller Bellagio Fellowship, 2000; Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration and International Relations, 2002-6; and a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam since 2008.
Professor Holland has managed several associated EU projects: KEENZ, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence NZ, and has served as the Secretary-General of the EU Studies Association of the Asia-Pacific since 2007.
Professor Holland is the author of over one hundred articles as well as twenty-three books (single-authored, co-authored and edited collections), two recent titles being “Development Policy of the EU” (with M. Doidge, Palgrave, 2012) and Communicating Europe in the Times of Crisis: External Perceptions of the European Union (Ed. with N. Chaban, Palgrave-McMillan, 2014).

For more details, please view Professor Holland's Curriculum Vitae here.



Research Interests

I would welcome proposals from students interested in a wide range of topics related to the EU (at both the Masters and the PhD level). Some current areas of research that students might consider include:

  • EU development policy
  • EU relations with the Pacific
  • EU relations with New Zealand/Australia
  • EU-ASEM process
  • CFSP (theory and case studies)
  • Integration Theory
  • Good governance and conditionality
  • EU diplomatic service
  • EU identity in the Asia-Pacific region

Recent Publications (2002-)


  • (Ed. With Chaban, N.) Communicating Europe in the Times of Crisis: External Perceptions of the European Union, (Palgrave-McMillan, 2014) 
  • (Ed. With Chaban, N.), Europe and Asia: perceptions from afar  (Nomos: Baden-Baden, 2014)
  • European Union Development Policy (with M. Doidge) (Palgrave EU Series, London, 2012)
  • (Ed, with N. Chaban and P. Ryan) EU Through the Eyes of Asia Vol II: new cases, new findings (World Scientific, NY, 2009)
  • (Ed, with S. Jora and P. Ryan) The Future of European Studies in Asia (ASEF, Singapore, 2008)
  • (Ed, with N. Chaban) The European Union and the Asia-Pacific(Routledge, London, 2008)
  • (Ed) EU Through the Eyes of Asia (ASEF, Singapore, 2007)
  • (Ed with J. Bain) EU Identity in Asia, (Nomos, Baden-Baden, 2007)
  • (Ed) The Europa Lectures 2001-6 (University of Canterbury Press/NCRE Research Series No.6, Christchurch, 2007).
  • (Ed) The EU Through the Eyes of the Asia-Pacific: public perceptions and media representations (NCRE Research Series No.4, Christchurch, 2005).
  • (Ed) Common Foreign and Security Policy: the first decade (Continuum, London, 2004)
  • The EU and the Third World (Palgrave/Macmillan EU Studies Series, London, 2002) xv, 258p).

Refereed Articles and Book Chapters (since 2010)

  • N. Chaban and M. Holland, The Evolution of EU Perceptions: from single studies to systematic research, in N. Chaban and  M. Holland (eds.), Communicating Europe in the Times of Crisis: External Perceptions of the European Union, Palgrave-McMillan, forthcoming 2014
  • M. Holland  and N. Chaban, Perceptions, Prisms, Prospects, in N. Chaban and  M. Holland (eds.), Communicating Europe in the Times of Crisis: External Perceptions of the European Union, Palgrave-McMillan, forthcoming 2014
  • Chaban  N., M. Holland, EU External Perceptions:  from innovation to an established field of study, in Aasne Kalland Aarstad, Edith Drieskens, Knud Erik Jørgensen, Katie Laatikainen and Ben Tonra  (ed.) Handbook of European Foreign Policy, Sage, forthcoming 2014
  • Chaban, N., M. Holland and S.-Y. Lai, Dysfunctional Relations?  Asian stakeholders views of Asia-EU relationship and its future direction, in A.  Martínez Arranz, N. Witzleb, P. Winand and E. Polonska-Kimunguy (eds.), The European Union and Global Engagement: Institutions, Policies and Challenges, Edward Elgar,  forthcoming 2014
  • Chaban, N., S. Kelly, M. Holland, Perceptions of Normative Power Europe in the shadow of the Eurozone debt crisis:  public perspectives on European integration from the Asia Pacific, in Björkdahl, A., N. Chaban, J. Leslie and A. Masselot (eds.), Importing EU norms? Conceptual framework and Empirical findings, Springer, forthcoming 2014.
  • Chaban, N. and M. Holland (eds.), Special Issue “Lisbon and the Changing External Perceptions of the EU: Visions from the Asia-Pacific”, Baltic Journal of European Studies,  3(3), 2013
  • Chaban, N. and Holland, M., Assuming Superpower Status? Evolving Asian perceptions of the EU, L'Espace politique, 2013, 19(1), 
  • Chaban, N. and Holland, M., Seeing the EU Outside its Borders: Changing Images of Europe, Baltic Journal of European Studies, 2013, 3(3), 3-12.
  • Chaban, N., Kelly, S., Lai, S. and Holland, M, Images of European Integration (with ) in The Palgrave Handbook of EU-Asia Relations,  (Eds, T. Christiansen, E. Kirchner, P. Murray) Palgrave, Basingstoke, 2013.
  • Chaban, N. and Holland, M., The EU as an Agent for Democracy: Images of the EU in the Pacific Media ‘Mirror’, Journal of European Integration, 2011, 33(3) 285–302.
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  • Chaban, N., Elgstrom, O., Sheahan, L., and Holland, M., Benign partner or benign master? Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations between the EU and the Pacific Islands, European Foreign Affairs Review, 15(3), 2010, 347-366
  • Chaban, N., Lai, S., Brovelli, A. and Holland, M., Invisible Forum? The Public Outreach of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), Journal of Contemporary European Research, 6(4), 2010, 353-369
  • Holland, M. and Chaban, N., The EU in the Eyes of Asia: Motivation and Methodology, “Reflections from Asia and Europe: How do we perceive one another?”, Asia Europe Journal, 8(2), 2010, Special Issues
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