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Dr Nicholas Ross Smith

Post - doctoral Fellow



International Relations theory
• especially realism & constructivism Foreign Policy Analysis

Foreign Policy Analysis
• especially EU foreign policy and Russian foreign policy

Geopolitics & geoeconomics
• especially in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

Democracy & democratisation
• especially Athenian democracy and post-Soviet democratisation


PhD in Politics & International Relations at the University of Auckland - 2012-16

MA in European Studies at the University of Canterbury - 2009-11


Nicholas Ross Smith is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Canterbury’s National Centre for Research on Europe. His main research areas include geopolitics in Eastern Europe, EU foreign policy, Russian foreign policy, democratisation and geoeconomics in an emerging multipolar world. He has published a number of journal articles, book chapters and commentaries on these topics (and others) and also has a book which looks at EU-Russian relations and the Ukraine crisis (with Edward Elgar) currently in production.

Academic awards and grants:

  • 2015 Finalist for AUSM lecturer of the year at AUT
  • 2015 EUCN scholarship
  • 2015 University of Auckland PBRF funding
  • 2015 European Foreign Affairs Review Annual Best Article Prize
  • 2014 APSA conference travel grant
  • 2014 OCIS conference student bursary
  • 2013 University of Auckland doctoral research award
  • 2012 EUCN student exchange award
  • 2011 University of Auckland doctoral scholarship
  • 2010 EUCN fees scholarship
  • 2009 University of Canterbury summer research scholarship
  • 2009 University of Canterbury masters scholarship

Forthcoming publications:

  • ‘EU-Russian Relations and the Ukraine Crisis’ – A book to be published in December 2016 with Edward Elgar (ISBN: 9781786430007).
  • ‘Ukraine’s democratisation path post-Orange revolution: Examining the internal & external impediments to democratic reform’ – To be published in ‘A Quarter Century of Postcommunism Assessed’ edited by Steven Fish, Graeme Gill, Milenko Petrovic (Palgrave MacMillan).
  • ‘The EU’s trade power in its Eastern frontier: Assessing its triangular trade relationship with Ukraine and Russia in the context of the Ukraine crisis’ To be published in ‘Handbook on European Union Trade Policy’ edited by Sangeeta Khorana, Maria Garcia, Jan Orbie (Edward Elgar).

Peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • Smith, N.R. 2016. ‘Time for fresh ideas in Ukraine’s democratisation efforts’, New Eastern Europe, forthcoming (not peer reviewed).
  • Smith, N.R. 2016. ‘The EU under a realist scope: Employing a neoclassical realist approach for the analysis of the EU’s foreign trade policy towards Ukraine up until the onset of the crisis’, International Relations, 30(1), 29-48.
  • Smith, N.R. 2015. ‘The EU and Russia’s conflicting regime preferences in Ukraine: Assessing regime promotion strategies in the scope of the Ukraine crisis’, European Security, 24(4), 525-540.
  • Smith, N.R. 2014. ‘The Underpinning Realpolitik of the EU’s Policies towards Ukraine: An Analysis of Interests and Norms in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement’, European Foreign Affairs Review, 19(4), 581–596.
  • Smith, N.R. 2014. ‘The EU’s difficulty in translating interests into effective foreign policy action: A
    look at the Ukraine crisis’, Baltic Journal of European Studies, 4(1), 54-68.
  • Petrovic, M & N.R. Smith. 2013. ‘In Croatia’s Slipstream or on an Alternative Road? Assessing the objective case for the remaining Western Balkan states acceding into the EU’, Southeast European and Black Sea Studies, 13(4) 553-573.
  • Kelly, S & N.R. Smith. 2013. ‘The EU’s reaction to the Arab Spring: External media portrayals in China, India and Russia’, European Foreign Affairs Review, 18(2), 217-234.
  • Smith, N.R. 2012. ‘The EU’s Utilization of Conditionality in the European Neighbourhood Policy:
    The Case of the 2008 Armenian Presidential Election’, EU External Affairs Review, 2(1), pp.84-97.
  • Smith, N.R. 2012. ‘The EU’s Two-Track Promotion of Democracy in its Eastern Neighbourhood:
    Examining the Case of Armenia’, Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies, 10(1), 19-43.
  • Smith, N.R. 2011. ‘Europeanization through socialization? The EU’s interaction with civil society organizations in Armenia’, Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization, 19(4), 385-404.
  • Chaban, N., Holland, M. & N. Smith. 2010. ‘The potential of return migration as a resource for EU public diplomacy efforts: a case-study of New Zealand return migrants from the EU’, European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management, 1(4), 378-398.

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