National Centre for Research on Europe

Adjunct Fellows

Jeremy Richardson Prof Jeremy Richardson, Adjunct Professorial Fellow, Emeritus Fellow (Nuffield College, Oxford), Editor, Journal of European Public Policy
David Mayes Prof David Mayes, Advisor to the Board, Bank of Finland; Professor of Economics, London South Bank University, London; and, Honorary Professor of Banking and Financial Institutions, University of Stirling.
Dr Mike Smith Dr Mike Smith, Loughborough University, UK
Prof Allan Williams
Prof Allan Williams, Institute for the Study of European Transformations and the Working Lives Research Institute, London Metropolitan University, UK
berthold rittberger
Professor Dr. Berthold Rittberger, Project Director: European Political Systems and their Integration at the University of Mannheim, Germany.
Katherine Vadura
Dr Katharine Vadura: Program Director for the Bachelor of Arts (International Studies) and the Honours program, School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, University of South Australia.
Philomena Murray
Prof Philomena B Murray: Philomena Murray is Associate Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences. She was the Director of the Contemporary Europe Research Centre at the University of Melbourne from 2000 to 2009.
Mathew Doidge
Dr Mathew Doidge: Mathew Doidge completed his PhD at the National Centre for Research on Europe. In 2011 he will coordinate the EURO233 Summer School Course The EU and the Millennium Development Goals.
Louisa Buckingham
Dr Louisa Buckingham: Louisa Buckingham is a senior analyst for Latin America, Europe and Russia at the National Assessment Bureau in Wellington.
Nigel Healey

Prof Nigel Healey: Pro-Vice Chancellor (International) and Head of the College of Business, Law and Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. He co-teaches EURO339-ECON339 The Economics of European Integration.