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  • National Centre for Research on Europe Annual Review 2007


  • The Europa Series 2001-2006, edited by Professor Martin Holland (Review)
  • Working Paper, "Developmental Regionalism to Developmental Interregionalism" Mathew Doidge full text (PDF, 266KB)
  • National Centre for Research on Europe Annual Review 2006





Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies

Launched in 2003, this new journal provides readers a unique academic focus on Asian and Pacific perspectives of the European Union.

The National Centre for Research on Europe is proud to be a distribution point for this journal, please click here for a list of articles in each issue. If you are interested in purchasing an issue, you can do so from the NCRE for €10, please contact the office at

NCRE Online Papers

No. 06/02 The Invisible Dutch: a Pilot Study Evaluating Dutch Migrants' Path to New Zealand from 1996 to 2006 (PDF, 276 KB)
Bart Pegge, NCRE Intern 2006, University of Twente, the Netherlands, and Münster University, Germany.
No. 06/01 Annual Europa Lecture - 2006 (PDF, 76 KB)
Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, Member of the European Commission responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development.
No. 05/01 Annual Europa Lecture - 2005 (PDF, 115 KB)
Hon. Phil Goff, New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Justice and Pacific Island Affairs.
No. 04/01 Annual Europa Lecture - 2004 (PDF, 74 KB)
Margaret Beckett, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, United Kingdom.
No. 03/01 Annual Europa Lecture - 2003 (PDF, 37 KB)
Chris Patten, EU Commissioner for External Relations.
No. 02/02 Annual Europa Lecture - 2002 (PDF, 41 KB)
Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, Prime Minister of New Zealand.
No. 02/01 Social Exclusion: A Challenge to Macroeconomic Policy (PDF, 144 KB)
David Mayes, Bank of Finland.
No. 01/05 Reinvigorating Europe's Mediterranean Partnership: Priorities and Policies (PDF, 134 KB)
Majorie Lister, Senior Lecturer in European Studies, University of Bradford, UK.
No. 01/04 "Rediscovering Europe" - the New Zealand Experience (PDF, 61 KB)
Martin Holland, Jean Monnet Chair of European Integration and International Relations, President, EUSANZ.
No. 01/03 Globalization in Question: Hierarchies, States and Gender (PDF, 168 KB)
Majorie Lister, Senior Lecturer in European Studies, University of Bradford, UK.
No. 01/02 Too little, but Not Too Late - Some Reflections on EU Studies in New Zealand (PDF, 142 KB)
Juergen Rueland, University of Freiburg.
No. 01/01 Using Edge - A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of the Euro Area (PDF, 530 KB)
Mika Kortelainen and David G. Mayes.
No. 00/02 Independence and Co-Ordination - The Eurosystem (PDF, 164 KB)
David G. Mayes.
No. 00/01 Capital Mobility in Transition Countries of Central Europe: Macroeconomic Performance Factors and Structural Policies (PDF, 222 KB)
Vladimr Bal and Allan M. Williams.

Related EU Articles

Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, Working Paper No.17, University of Oxford, 2005 International Migration and Knowledge, Allan Williams (PDF, 374 KB)

Articles from the Constitutionalism Web Papers, from Queen's University, Belfast, are available here.

Two articles by one of our visiting fellows in 2004, Dr. Reinhardt Rummel, from Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin:

Two papers from the EPRC, part of its European Policy Research Paper series, analysing the current debates on EU competition policy control of regional state aid and EU cohesion policy respectively.

An archive of documents relating to Euro-Med Integration and the "Ring of Friends", kindly made available by the European Documentation and Research Centre, University of Malta.

On the Nature of the Beast: Re-Charting Political Geographies of the European Union, (PDF, 188 KB) James D. Siddaway, Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography, 2006

Agricultura sem subsidios? O caso da Nova Zelandia, (.pdf, 5.5MB), Jose Diogo Santiago Albuquerque, Revista do Agricultor no. 198, 2007

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