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Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies

Asia-Pacific Journal of EU StudiesDetails of back issues of the Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies. All are currently available through the National Centre for Research on Europe.

Volume 3 - Number 1-2 - Winter 2005

Cae-One Kim

Multilateralism and Regionalism in a Globalizing World: A Perspective from the Asia-Pacific Region

Jeffrey K. McNeill

Process and Participation in the European Parliament: the F-Gas Directive

Rajendra K Jain

India, the European Union and Asian Regionalism

Luong T. H. Dinh

Regional Powers and the Building of an East Asian Community

Stephen Dearden

A Critique of the Pacific EPA Sustainability Impact Assessment

Hee-Yul Chai and Yeongseop Rhee

Financial and Monetary Cooperation in East Asia in Light of the European Experience

Volume 2 - Number 2 - Winter 2004

Special Issue dedicated to Professor Cae-One Kim

Toshiro Tanaka


Cae-One Kim

Building a Common Knowledge Society among the Asia-Pacific Region and Europe: The Role of EUSA Asia-Pacific

Rajendra K Jain

India and an Enlarging European Union

Milenko Petrovic

How Far and Soon to the East? The Prospects for Future EU Enlargement

Heungchong Kim and Chang-Soo Lee

Korea-EU Trade Relations: Over-traded or Under-traded

Michael Longo

The European Court of Justice, Non-National Education and The Emergence of a European Consciousness

Natalia Chaban, Se Na Kim, Katrina Stats and Paveena Sutthisripok

When Enough is Enough? Dynamics of the EU Representations in Asia-Pacific Print Media

Volume 2 - Number 1 - Summer 2004

Se-Eun Jeong and Jacques Mazier

European Monetary Integration and Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia: Assessment and Lessons

Philomena Murray

Towards a Research Agenda on the European Union as a Model of Regional Integration

Heungchong Kim

Are the New Member States Really Integrated to the Incumbents?: A Gravity Analysis on the Bilateral Trade Performances in the Enlarged EU

Milenko Petrovic

How Far and Soon to the East? The Prospects for Future EU Enlargement

Georg Wiessala

New Approached to the Antipodes: Some Themes in EU Relations with Australia and New Zealand

Steven Thomas

A Political Economy Approach to Examining Pacific Regionalism: The Post-Cotonou Process in the Pacific

Volume 1 - Number 2 - Winter 2003

Jim Headley

The Cyprus Conflict and the Process of EU Enlargement

Caroline Saunders

Changes in EU Agricultural Policy and their Potential Impacts on Australia, New Zealand and Japanese Dairy Sectors

Natalia Chaban

The EU Portraits in NZ News Media: Media Contributions to Public Opinion Formation

Catherine Casey

European Models of the Learning Economy/Learning Society: Re-visioning the Worker

Rouben Azizian

The Kalingrad Issue in Russia-EU Relations: Balancing Security, Sovereignty and Human Rights

Barry Gustafson

"More then They Expected, and more than... They Deserved": New Zealand and Britain's Entry to the European Community

Volume 1 - Number 1 - Summer 2003

Cae-One Kim


Sung-Hoon Park

East Asian Economic Integration and the Strategy of the EU

Ludger K├╝hnhardt

Implications of Globalization on the Raison d' Etre of European Integration

Martin Holland

The Challenge of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement: from Negotiation to Implementation

Bingran Dai

EU's Role in the Post Cold War Period and the Future of Asia-Pacific Relations: An Asian Perspective

Marc Frangi

French Energy Policy and EU Liberalisation after the Barcelona Summit

Hee-Yul Chai

Interactions between the Euro and Europe's Financial markets

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