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KEEENZ - NCRE - University of Canterbury - New Zealand
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National Centre for Research on Europe

KEEENZ (Knowledge and Expertise Exchange Europe – New Zealand)

What is KEEENZ?
KEEENZ is a multidisciplinary exchange programme funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Research Science and Technology of New Zealand to promote sustainable collaborative research links between Europe and New Zealand.

The project involves researchers focusing on one or more of three main themes:
(1) ‘EU Global Impact on Trade, Agriculture, Environment and Finance’;
(2) ‘The EU as Exporter of Norms and Values to the Pacific’; and
(3) ‘Pacific Visions of the EU as a Global Authority’.

Researchers in the project work undertake an exchange with a Partner University where they engage in their research agenda and also work collaboratively with researchers at the partner university to produce a book chapter and/or journal article.  The exchanges will take place between September 2010 and August 2014.

Who are the Partner Universities?
The partner universities that you can undertake an exchange with are:

  • London School of Economics, United Kingdom
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  • Lund University, Sweden
  • Primorska University, Slovenia

What does the exchange involve?
The exchanges are for a minimum of one month to a maximum of three months. The grant provides a set amount for an economy air ticket and a $2500 per month stipend to help cover accommodation and living costs.
You will be hosted at the partner university for your stay. You will be able to work on your own research agenda that is in line with the aims of the project and work collaboratively with colleagues at the partner institution towards a research publication. The plan is for a book centred on each theme containing a chapter from each exchange participant and for several special editions of journals.  
You will be offered support in how to access travel visas, accommodation and local transport options for your exchange destination.

What else does the project involve?
You will also have the opportunity to host and work collaboratively with staff from partner universities when they undertake their exchanges to New Zealand.
One of the aims of this project is to enable post-graduate students to work collaboratively with established academics. You can also participate by offering mentoring support for a graduate student who will be in New Zealand for one to three months.
Researchers will also be involved in research seminars that will be held both face to face and using video conferencing to join together the participants of the project to present and discuss their research. These will be scheduled once the pattern of exchanges is worked out.

How can I become involved?
In the first instance please contact Rebecca Morgan at