Seminar Archive 2006 Term 2 - NCRE - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

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Seminar Archive: 2006 - Term 2

5 May
2.10 pm

Dr Matthew Gibbons
Post Doctoral Fellow, National Centre for Research on Europe
Title: "NZ and the EU since 1990"

12 May
2.10 pm

Graham Avery
Visiting European-in-Residence Fellow, National Centre for Research on Europe
"The Expanding European Union: A Continental Power" (PPT, 104 KB)

19 May
2.10 pm

Prof Udo Staber
Department of Management, University of Canterbury
Title: "Management Styles in Europe: The View from Organization Science"

24 May
11.00 am

Prof James Bohman
Danforth I Professor in the Humanities, Department of Philosophy, Saint Louis University
Title: "Institutional Reform and Democratic Legitimacy: Deliberative Democracy and Transnational Constitutionalism"
Document of Presentation (.doc, 79 KB)

2 June
2.10 pm

Christian Schneider, Universitaet St.Gallen, Switzerland
Mathias Bug, Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen, Germany
Bart Pegge, University of Twente, the Netherlands, and Mnster University, Germany
Visiting Research Interns, National Centre for Research on Europe
Title: "European internship culture - option for New Zealand?"

9 June
2.10 - 5.00 pm (refreshments provided)

Presentations by the members of the EURO 416 EU Research Training and Methods class
Title: "Introductions to the Post-Graduate Research at the NCRE"

Panel "EU and New Zealand" (2:00 - 2:40)

Brittany Chellew - "New Zealand's Foreign Policy is Trade': New Zealand's trade relations with the EU with particular emphasis on economic links between the Canterbury region and Germany from 1990 to the present day" (PPT, 65 KB)

Gina Deerness-Plesner - "Enhancing EU-NZ relations in the field of science and technology" (PPT, 98 KB)

Lyndon Burford - "New Nuclear Disarmament Initiatives: NZ Non-Governmental Involvement" (PPT, 1.0 MB)

Panel "EU and the Asia-Pacific" (2:50 - 3:30)

Yoonah Choi - "Europe in the French Pacific Regions: A Discourse Analysis of the Local Press' Construction of the European Union" (PPT, 11.4 MB)

William T Lama - "Is EU model of political and economic integration suitable for the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC)?" (PPT, 1.9 MB)

Simon Hollis - "An Asia-Pacific Security Culture: NZ and EU security relation" (PPT, 2.0 MB)

Panel "EU and Turkey" (3:40 - 4:10)

Gabrielle Bojilove - "Turkey at the gate of Europe. What are the implications internationally and for New Zealand?" (PPT, 65 KB)

Bilgehan Berberoglu - "The EU in the eyes of the Turkish media" (PPT, 8.3 MB)

Tim Eden-Calcott - "Turkey, Considering Human Rights and EU Accession" (PPT, 465 KB)

Panel "EU and Its Neighbours" (4:20 - 5:00)

Rebecca Morgan - "The European Enlargement 2007: Impacts on post-communist transformation of Romania and Bulgaria" (PPT, 90 KB)

Myli MacJagd - "EU-Russian relations within the energy debate" (PPT, 1.4 MB)

Frendehl Warner - "Criminals at the border: People Smuggling, Asylum and the EU" (PPT, 189 KB)

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