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13 July 2012

Kirkwood Village KA04

Euro-Scepticism, an example from the Czech Republic

As noted during the NCRE Roundtable Seminar with the EU MPs, Europeans are more sceptical towards the EU than non-Europeans. The Czech Republic is one of the countries (together with Great Britain, Austria and Hungary) which is more sceptical than other EU countries. On the other hand, we have crazy president Vaclav Klaus, who apart from denying global warming is denying EU too. (“EU is as much dangerous as the former USSR,” he said recently). In the seminar we try to have a closer look at the forms of Euro Skepticism, with focus on the Czech Republic.

Ing Tereza Svacinova and Lucie Macku
PhD Candidates, Charles University Czech Republic
Erasmus Mundus Exchange students at the NCRE

Tereza Svačinová is currently a PhD student at the Institute of International Studies of Faculty of social sciences of the Charles University in Prague. She graduated from Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. She teaches courses at the Faculty of Social Sciences and regularly gives lectures at other faculties of the Charles University and for the general public.
For the past years, she has been cooperating with the Institute of European Policy EUROPEUM, which is the think-tank that undertakes programme, project, publishing and training activities related to the European integration process and for which she carries out professional analyses. Moreover, she deals with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, the rural development and environment. During her postgraduate studies, she has published a number of expert papers in relevant publications. She is also involved in several projects in her home Department of West-European studies and she is one of the coordinator of the international study program “European Studies” in Charles University.
Her PhD theses topic is the Reform of the EU wine sector and creation of the French position. She speaks French and she spent couple of months in France to work on her research.

Lucie Macku is working on her PhD thesis on the topic of “Freedom of media” through Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic.  Her work and research in this area has brought her to study at the NCRE through the Erasmus Mundus Exchange programme. In the Czech Republic she worked as both journalist and a lecturer at Charles University, where she taught classes in subjects as “Media and Human Rights” and “Theory of Ethnicity”. 


20 July 2012

03.00pm to 06.00pm

Kirkwood Village KD08

NCRE Postgraduate Mini-Conference

EURO480 students will present their research (10mins) and answer questions (5mins) from the audience. Their research will be supported by a poster. In conclusion of the conference the posters will be judged competetively.

For questions please contact Dr Natalia Chaban


27 July 2012

Kirkwood Village KA04

Europe without Borders - The Role of Music and Dance in European Integration

In France during the reign of Louis IV Le Roi Soleil, there was a golden period in architecture, literature and music which included the foundation of the Paris Opera Ballet in 1661. In this period noble dances at the court at Versailles were stylised and made their way into ballet and instrumental dance suites. Dances came from Spain, Germany, Italy, England and Poland reflecting royal intermarriage and were based on folk dance. This seminar explores how forms of instrumental and ballet music developed particularly in Eastern Europe where political unity is desired but not yet achieved.

Gerald Ginther
PhD Candidate NCRE
University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Gerald Ginther is currently completing his PhD at the NCRE. He holds degrees from music and Russian from the University of Canterbury. He is particularly interested in the cultural history of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.


03 August 2012

Kirkwood Village KA04


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