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Visiting Erskine Fellowships

The NCRE is the only New Zealand research centre dedicated to the study of Europe and the European Union. NCRE activities include policy advice and analysis, as well as outreach efforts designed to raise the EU profile in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Erskine bequest was handed to the University of Canterbury in 1960 by John Angus Erskine, a former graduate of the University and contemporary of Ernest Rutherford. In enables over 70 distinguished, international academics who are already advanced in the learning of their subject, to visit the university for durations of normally one to three months.

The purpose of Visiting Erskine Fellowships is to give lectures to students. An overview of undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught by the NCRE is here.

The University of Canterbury offers a learning environment among the best in the world. It has libraries, lecture theatres, laboratories and field stations to support research and teaching together with Halls of Residence and affordable local accommodation close to the University. 

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The Fellowship

In accordance with the Erskine Bequest, the purpose of Visiting Erskine Fellowships is to invite visitors from overseas advanced in their subject, and who speak the English language fluently, to give lectures to students at the University of Canterbury. A minimum of 2-3 lectures per week is expected. The award will normally be for a period of 1 to 3 months but must be for a minimum of 28 nights. More detailed information on the Visiting Erskine Fellowship is available from the Erskine Programme homepage.

The University will arrange return (round trip) air travel through its travel agent four months prior to the start date of your Fellowship by the most direct and & economic route. A second airfare may be provided for a spouse/domestic partner or other immediate family member living permanently at the same address, and who will be visiting for a continous period of 28 nights or longer, excluding travelling time to/from Christchurch, during the period of the Fellowship proper.

Accommodation arrangements will automatically be made through the Erskine Programme office in Campus Housing. University Campus houses and apartments provide comfortable accommodation of an average standard. Houses and apartments are fully furnished and have cutlery, crockery, linen, blankets, electric blankets on double beds, heaters, a fridge-freezer, automatic washing machine, clothes driver and a writing desk. In order for the University to make an appropriate reservation, please advise the Erskine Programme if additional members of your immeidaete family will be accompanying you at any stage of your visit.

Visiting academics coming to New Zealand from visa-free countries to undertake activities of a pedagogical, educationall, professional management or research nature, can enter New Zealand on visitor visas, as long as their stay is for three months or less (or multiple short stays amounting to three months or less per calendar year). Longer stays will require work visas.

A maintenance allowance per night is payable in term-time to a New Zealand bank account. As the purpose of the Visiting Erskine Fellowship is to give lectures to students, the period for which the maintenance allowance is payable commences on the first term night after the visitor's arrival in Christchurch and ends on the last term night before the visitor's departure (adjacent weekend nights are included in this calculation).

For an overview on NCRE staff members, students and friends, please have a look on our People page.

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