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Alumni and Friends

Since the Centre was established in 2000, a relatively large number of students have graduated either directly from the programmes offered by the NCRE, or from other programmes while working in the Centre to conduct their research, in a wide range of different research areas.

NCRE Alumni - Where are they now?

Lucy Cassels, BA, BA (Hons), MA
Foreign Policy Office,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

"Lucy Cassels' studies at UC in international relations, European studies and development studies have been the ideal preparation for a diplomatic career. At the start of 2005, following the completion of a Master of Arts in Political Science [while based at the National Centre for Research on Europe], she took up the position of Foreign Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade." Download the full article (.jpg, 80 KB).

List of NCRE Graduates since 2000

Class of 2005

PhD Peter Mayell - "Reading Between the Li(n)es: A Critical Geopolitics of '9/11' and the 'War on Terrorism'"
MA Lucy Cassels - "An Evolving International Presence: Europe as a Pacific Development Actor"
BA (Hons) Bilgehan Berberoglu
Terri Curin
Simon Hollis

Class of 2004

PhD Mathew Doidge - "East is East: Inter- and Transregionalism and the EU-ASEAN relationship"
MA Steve Thomas - "A Regionally Integrated Pacific: the challenge of the Cotonou Agreement to Pacific regionalism"

Tamsin Royson - "The Challenge of Babel: languages and the European project"

Timothy Ridley - "Formulating the Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiating Mandate: an analysis of European Union policymaking"
BA (Hons) Alice Chateau
Richard Wards
Serena Martin
Simon Consedine

Class of 2003

MA John Barrer - "Consumerism, Simulation and the Post-Soviet Russian Identity in the Works of Viktor Pelevin"

Maria Colberts - "A Cultural Theory of German Ecotourism in New Zealand"

Nathan Cox - "Understanding the Common Foreign and Security Policy: A Theory Network Approach"
BA (Hons) Jessica Bain
Jamie Holder
Norman Engel
Lisette Good
Tania Kurbatoff
Edyta Palley
Rosemary Tipples

Class of 2002

MA Oliver Harrison - "Coldness in Europe 1910-30: an investigation of a major motif in the works of Franz Kafka, Alfred Dblin and Robert Musil"

Frendehl Nabong - "A Confederation Consociationalist Approach to Understanding the Rhetoric and Reality of Minority Rights Provision in the People's Europe: the case of the Roma"

Megan Whelan - "Untangling the Webs of Influence: a policy network study of relationships between the European Union and the African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries 1996 - 2000"

Class of 2001

MA Nadia Elaska - "The Politics of Voluntary Restraint: the evolution of print media codes of ethics in Britain and New Zealand"

Wietske van der Pol - "New Media and a Culture in Transition: the case of the Russian internet"

Gregory Simons - "The Impact of Political and Business Interests on the Contemporary Russian Media"

Class of 2000

MA Mathew Doidge - "The Effectiveness of the European Union as an International Actor"

Friends of the National Centre for Research on Europe

The NCRE relies heavily on external funding for its activities; all grants and donations are greatly appreciated.

  • The NCRE is endeavouring to set up an independent scholarship fund for students studying Europe and the European Union in New Zealand, and would welcome any offers of support towards seeing this become a reality. Currently the Centre offers a range of scholarships and two European Parliament Internships to students from all over New Zealand each year. While traditionally these have been all covered through the NCRE's own funding, 2005 saw the first externally supported Internship, with Fonterra sponsoring Sara Peary's three month stint at the European Parliament at the beginning of the year. It is hoped that in the future more external funding such as this will be found.
  • External funding for the Centre's current or future research projects from either business or government sources is also being sought. Any offers or suggestions of such sources would be greatly appreciated.

Want to know more?

Please contact us if you have questions about NCRE alumni or suggestions for future funding options.

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